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About Us

Generational Wealth

Carrington Multi Family Office is a subsidiary of Carrington RHT Wealth - the Leading Wealth Services Group in Asia

At Carrington Multi Family Office, we offer a broad range of customised services to ultra wealthy families and individuals to help protect, manage and grow their personal & family wealth for current generation and ensure future generations continue to build on their successes.

Our advisors specialise in developing a deep understanding of each client to provide a suite of interconnected state-of-the-art solutions through our ecosystem of professionals.

Carrington Multi-Family Office provides investment advisory, family governance and philanthropy, asset management and preservation and other related types of family office services. We focus on Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) segments in emerging markets such as China, providing financial solutions and other services such as lifestyle needs, catered to the tastes of UHNW Individuals.

Through tailor-made trust establishment and management as well as tax advisory, we provide ultra-wealthy families with comprehensive solutions for taxation, marriage and family relationships, succession planning, family governance and etc. In addition, we offer global investment citizenship program and provide value-added high-end medical concierge and education services.

What is a Family Office?

  • Family Offices can be traced to the 6th century when the stewards of European Kings were charged with managing royal finances. As other members of the nobility adopted the idea, the Family Office crystallized in the 19th Century as the first Offices were set up by the wealthy families of the Industrial Revolution.
  • In the last decade, a large number of family offices have emerged around the world.
  • Common incentives include: resolving family conflicts, ensuring wealth succession, maintaining family wealth, integrating assets, responding to sudden changes in liquidity, and improving wealth management efficiency.
  • The importance of Family Offices is growing as families with wealth have a strong desire to control investment, trust affairs, and lifestyle.

Benefits of a Family Office

Asset Protection

Placing assets in certain types of trusts can protect them from creditors, marriage breakdown or from those who might influence beneficiaries.


A trust agreement, is a private document and can keep information confidential. Special type of trust can also reduce tax disclosure exposures to tax authorities under common reporting standard.


A trust can be employed to ensure that assets move through and between different generations of a family, protecting against children’s divorces or financial difficulties such as bankruptcy, from unnecessary taxes or from unexpected changes in family circumstances.

Family Control

When a settlor puts assets into a trust, they set out in the trust document how those assets are to be dealt with. Especially for listed companies and large private companies, retaining the voting power can be very important.


You could create your own charity either in your lifetime or on your death by creating a charitable trust in your will.

Tax efficiency

Qualified assets that are placed into trusts are given to the beneficiaries and are no longer part of the settlor’s estate and can be free of inheritance tax in various jurisdictions.