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Lifestyle Management

Carrington Education provides excellent premier customized overseas study tour services to students, senior executives and management from corporates as well as elites with profound achievement. Our partners are the 1st tier schools all over the world including Harvard University, Yale University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, and etc..

Carrington Education has launched many programs that received overwhelming feedback.

《优秀人生》is about alumni that graduated from elite schools to share their overseas study stories and their career paths after graduation, the audiences are high school students and their parents.

《职业规划》caters for young professionals and it is about sharing of career planning and personal development, providing higher vocational training opportunities in 1st tier universities.

Taking care of you is our #1 Priority!

We are your #1 trusted source in healthcare in the region providing a suite of premier private healthcare management services and medical concierge services. Integrated with our medical concierge services, we facilitate medical travel (specialist consultation, treatment, investigative tests, vaccinations & various health screening), medical evacuation and all aspects of your healthcare needs.

    • One-Stop Medical Concierge Service
    • Medically Trained Dedicated Private Healthcare Managers
    • Independent & Trusted Medical Concierge Service Provider
    • Panel of Screened and Trusted Specialists and Service Providers
    • First Class Medical Travel Service
    • Manage All Administrative Matters Relating to Your Medical & Healthcare Needs
    • Manage your Medical Records
    • Always Working in Your Best Interest

What is Collectible Art? Technically, collectible art is any form of art that is rare or popular. With time, the value of a collectible will rise. Collectible art could be a painting, sculpture, print, a drawing, or even a sketchbook. Collectibles like gold and jewellery, art, antiques or fine wine can make interesting investments and might be a good way to diversify – but you need specialist knowledge to get it right, and you would need advices on storage, maintenance and insurance arrangement.

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