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We are glad to introduce our latest 2021 project:


  • Bullsbrook is a small rural town located 35km NE of Perth’s CBD, located in the north of the City of Swan. It is predominantly a rural area with a 2018 population of approximately 6,600 persons and a housing stock of more than 2,300 dwellings. Future opportunities include commercial and light industrial land uses.
  • It has been approved to become a major transport & industry hub known as Northern Gateway as part of Perth & Peel @ 3.5million Framework.
  • The Northern Gateway will consist of over 3,000 hectares of brand new industrial and commercial land including an intermodal terminal (rail/road) and projects in Muchea (North of Bullsbrook).
  • This will create a projected 30,000 new jobs and will have a huge impact on the local economy, community and infrastructure.
  • A detailed view of how Bullsbrook is set to change can be found in the Bullsbrook Local Area Plan (Aug 2018)
  • Although the local council have identified land for additional dwellings to be built, it is up to the individual landowners to apply for land rezoning and planning permission at their own discretion.
  • Our partner in Australia owns the freehold on 25 hectares or rural land that is included in the councils plan.
  • Our plan for the site includes:
    • 871 individual residential lots with an average size of 450sqm.
    • Over 100,000sqm of land reserved for Public Open Space.
    • Provisional space for future community needs (schools, shops, additional houses etc.)
  • The rezoning application process involves various reports and surveys by third party specialists and government agencies to show the sits potential for construction and inclusions to the existing infrastructure.
  • We are projecting the rezoning application and approval process will be completed by 2025.
  • Clients can purchase the lease on their lot today. Once rezoning is approved, clients can choose to:
    • Sell their residential lot with freehold.
    • Receive the freehold themselves and build their own property.
    • Sell that property or rent it out  
  • Perth’s population is the most rapidly growing in Australia.
  • 2nd most livable city in the country (Perth Now March 2019).
  • Mining boom continues with the discovery of several high demand
  • Busiest port in Western Australia and cargo gateway to the rest of Australia.
  • Extensive road, rail & metro network (currently under massive expansion).
  • Direct flights to Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa.
  • Growing tourism market within the city centre and surround area.
  • Huge government funding for economic & infrastructure expansion.
  • $2.3 BILLION JOBS & INFRASTRUCTURE BOOST FOR WA: As part of the 2017-18 Federal Budget released on May 9, WA is set to receive a $2.3 billion road and rail infrastructure package. This package will provide a major boost to WA’s local economy, with 6,000 jobs expected to be created as a result of 17 new projects.




  • Bullsbrook Expansion


  • The number of dwellings in Bullsbrook is forecast to grow from 1,908 in 2016 to 29,852 in 2051, with the average household size falling from 2.87 to 2.93 by 2051.


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