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Trust & Estate Planning

In summary, offshore family trusts are more flexible than onshore family trusts, and are particularly suitable where cross-border assets and family membership are internationalised.

The applicable law for the selection of offshore trusts is British Virgin Islands Law, Cayman Islands Law, Bermuda Law, Bahamas Law, Jersey Law, Guernsey Law, Singapore Law, New Zealand Law, Cook Island law, Mauritius law and Cyprus law and so on.

Typical offshore Family Trust Structure

    • Variable Universal Life

Variable Universal Life (VUL) is a whole of life single premium life insurance protection with long-term investment growth potential. It is an investment-linked policy where the investment strategy is determined by policyholder and policy fund value depends on performance of the assets.

      • Stay protected whilst capturing global investment opportunities of your choice*.
      • Flexibility to withdraw funds without incurring any penalties or changes in benefits.